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Here's the most recent 20 Florida men we have found in the news

Florida woman sentenced to a month in jail for selling Biden's daughter's diary

Posted 1 month ago
She admitted she sold it to the right-wing Project Veritas.

Florida man and Proud Boy member who fled before Jan. 6 sentencing gets 10 years in prison

Posted 4 months ago
Christopher Worrell, a 52-year-old member of the Proud Boys, cut off an ankle monitor four days before he was supposed to be sentenced and never showed up.

Florida man charged with voter fraud blames rivalry between Trump and DeSantis supporters

Posted 7 months ago
A man has been arrested on forgery and fraud charges after authorities say he cast a ballot in Florida for his deceased father in the 2020 election.

Ron DeSantis promises 'cocaine-free' White House

Posted 10 months ago
The Governor continues to pillory the President and his son over powder.