Senate passes ‘Cassie Carli Law’ spurred by woman's death

Posted 5 months ago
Senate passes ‘Cassie Carli Law’ spurred by woman's death

Senators have approved new legislation aiming to protect parents during custody exchanges. But the sponsor of a 2023 law guarding against domestic violence voted against the bill.

The newly passed legislation is named after Cassie Carli, a Florida woman who died after she agreed to a last-minute custody exchange for her 4-year-old daughter in a restaurant parking lot with her ex-boyfriend. Carli’s body was found buried in a shallow grave the next state over, and her ex has been indicted on kidnapping and abuse of a corpse charges.

With a 37-1 vote, Senate lawmakers approved a committee substitute for SB 580 that mandates every county provide a location for parents to safely exchange custody...

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