Ron DeSantis promises 'cocaine-free' White House

Posted 11 months ago
Ron DeSantis promises 'cocaine-free' White House

Cocaine in the White House continues to be a punchline for one Florida man who wants to live there.

“Do you believe me when I tell you my White House will be cocaine free?” Ron DeSantis asked a crowd in Tega Cay, South Carolina, presumably rhetorically.

The Governor has talked cocaine on a number of occasions since a baggie found in the Joe Biden White House became national news, skewering the President’s powder predicament.

He previously mused about who the illicit powder might have belonged to, suggesting that “this cocaine in the White House” belongs to the President’s son, Hunter Biden.

“But was it Hunter’s? Does everyone think it’s Hunter’s cocaine? Whose cocaine was it?”

During an epis...

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